"Thanks and thanks again to Him who offers to the man whom the sorrows of life have assaulted and left naked–offers to him the fig leaf of the Word with which he can cover his wretchedness." -Søren Kierkegaard

An Idea Worth Living—Jeremy Courtney’s TED Talk

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I re-watched Jeremy’s TEDxAustin talk the other day and felt compelled to share it with you. I’ve tried to stick to an every-Friday posting schedule—and even then my writing here is marked by brevity—but here I’m deviating (though this will still be brief).

This video simultaneously explains what we do and reminds why we do it, and, since several of you are recent subscribers, I thought it’d be good to share a little more about our work in Iraq.

Within the organization, I’m the resident blogger (thus the brevity), social media maven nerd, PR handler, photographer, etc. etc.

Nutshell therein: I get to use words and images to make people care. It’s a sweet job.

And the man in the video is the jefe, a good friend, and one of the most awesome people I know (and I don’t “awesome” easily these days). So if you’re still reading this, WTFrag? Go watch the video already!

(And then pass it on!)

The Walk From “No” To “Yes”

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Lasy month I attended a locally-organized TEDx conference right here in Bangkok.

If you’re not familiar with the TED conferences, you should check them out.


Like, you should stop reading this and go stream this video.

But the conference was great, the speakers were interesting, and I met some great people. Though I gotta admit, it was a bit of a nerd-fest.

Anytime you go somewhere and people are introducing each other (me included) by their Twitter names, you know you’ve entered a new level of dweeb.

This is the level right before the one where you wear a Spock outfit to the new Star Trek movie. Let’s hope I never get there.

Valentine’s Day

If romance can be had in nasty Bangkok, it can be had anywhere!

Cayla and I overcame this sticky, smoggy, sludge-ridden metropolis and had an awesome V-Day by getting dressed up and heading over to a snazzy Japanese restaurant.

A few pics.

Ryan’s Been Resettled!

Faithful readers (I love all 4 of you!) may remember my friend Ryan Lei and his refugee situation.

Well, 3 weeks ago he and his family were resettled in Monterey Park, California – praise God!

They’re adjusting well and enjoying the insane population of native Chinese speakers. All 3 of them have begun searching for good job opportunities and are involved in a Chinese church in their city.

Please continue to pray for them. Pray especially that Ryan’s parents would adjust to life in the States; all that Chinese speaking could make language learning a bit slow.

Also, if you live in that area and would like to help them out more directly, you can message me and I’ll get you their info.

Future Stuff

Cayla and I will be Stateside in a month and a half, but there’s a lot that needs to happen before then.

I’m in the thick of finals week and only have to persevere one more week until the school closes, but we’re now hearing that there will probably be political riots this weekend that could cut things even shorter. I’ve been told to get my exams finished asap.

We’ve got a visa run to Rangoon, Burma (aka Yangon, Myanmar) at the end of this month. Pray we don’t get kidnapped and sold as slaves. That would be sad. (kidding, Mom…but seriously)

Then April rolls around and we’ve got a fun-filled week with my brother-in-law and his girlfriend. Let the good times roll! We’ve got all kinds of fun in the sun planned for their week here.

After that it’s 8 days in Indonesia to see orangutans and then we’re in San Diego for the month of May. We found out that Cayla’s work ends on April 1st instead of May 20th, so we’ll be back in America a lot sooner.

I almost can’t believe we’re leaving Bangkok. I love this weird city. I’ll miss so much about it – especially the great people we’ve met. We’ll just have to soak up as much time as possible during these last few weeks.

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Good Quote/TED talks

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Last month some of my trendy tech friends introduced me to an annual conference called TED. TED stands for technology, entertainment and design and the talks are typically centered around those types of subjects, though, there have been some from other fields (religion, for example).

I’ve really enjoyed these talks whenever I get free time throughout my day and I enjoyed one today that I thought worth quoting. The man’s name is Clay Shirky and he did a talk called “How cellphones, Twitter and Facebook can make history.” At the end of his talk he summed everything up with this statement:

“The media landscape that we knew – as familiar as it was and as easy conceptually as it was to deal with the idea that professionals broadcast messages to amateurs – is increasingly slipping away in a world where media is global, social, ubiquitous and cheap. In a world of media where the ‘former audience’ are now increasingly full-on participants; in that world, media is less and less often about crafting a single message to be consumed by individuals, and it is more and more often a way of creating an environment for convening and supporting groups. Everything is changing.”

This sort of thing is especially interesting to me because it’s exactly the sort of thing I studied in some of my communication classes. It makes me wonder, though, what’s going to happen? That question may sound silly, but I really wonder sometimes: how different will technological mediums be in 2 or 3 decades when they’re already changing insanely fast as it is?

One of the staff at my church put it this way, “What if, one day, instead of saying ‘I don’t know’ when asked a question everyone just always said, ‘Hold on and I’ll check.'”

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