"Thanks and thanks again to Him who offers to the man whom the sorrows of life have assaulted and left naked–offers to him the fig leaf of the Word with which he can cover his wretchedness." -Søren Kierkegaard

The Preemptive Love Coalition

Posted in Friends, Good Causes, Preemptive Love Coalition by matt on Monday, August 3, 2009

PLC mini heart logoThe Preemptive Love Coalition (PLC for short) is really an organization that I should have blogged about a loooong time ago.

They’re a group working to eradicate the backlog of children with congenital heart problems in Northern Iraq. This problem is primarily the result of exposure to Sadaam’s chemical weapons via the Al-Anfal Campaign in the late 80’s. It affected the people and their unborn children in horrible ways.

So now they send these kids to heart surgeons in Turkey by way of fund-raising and commerce. Originally, they were exporting a unique type of Kurdish shoe to raise the money, but, once things picked up, other NGOs and NPOs started contributing in big ways. They’ve also made a deal with the Johns Hopkins Hospital in Istanbul on $5k a kid – that’s 5 grand to keep a kid from dying as a kid!

But it doesn’t just stop there. Their aim is much higher still as they take each surgery opportunity to share about the true Healer and Messiah with the families.

Not surprisingly, Cayla and I really enjoyed spending time with these people. I briefly met some of them while I was in Turkey, and we got a lot of time with them during our last year at Baylor. The executive director and his family, the Courtneys, were actually on furlough in Texas to raise money and to have their baby, so they graciously squeezed in a few coffee sessions with us. Man…that seems like so long ago. But we’ve recently found out that they’ll be coming to Bangkok! We’re very excited to spend time with them in just a few days and to show them around Bangkok.

If you’d like more information on their work you should go to their blog here or to the Courtney’s blog here. If you’d like to donate or buy something, click here.

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