"Thanks and thanks again to Him who offers to the man whom the sorrows of life have assaulted and left naked–offers to him the fig leaf of the Word with which he can cover his wretchedness." -Søren Kierkegaard

In One Year

Posted in Travel by matt on Thursday, March 13, 2008

I’d like to take a sec to point something out:

Starting May 28, 2007… I lived in Turkey for two months, enjoyed a fall semester in Waco, went to San Diego for a week with Cayla, spent quality time in Jewett with my grandparents, spent a week in Flagstaff, AZ snowboarding and hiking with the guys, visited Cayla for four days in New York City, spent almost a week in Oklahoma kayaking and camping with my Da and Grant on our man-trip, and now I’m preparing for ten months in Thailand starting May 19, 2008.

I mention that because, even if you don’t need to hear it, I need to say it. God has provided me with more opportunities in one year than many people get in a lifetime and it’s good for me to publicly (haha, as if this is all that public…) express my thanks. He’s so kind.

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